Developing a Global Media Strategy and Point of View with Rita Kakati-Shah


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Rita Kakati-Shah is an award-winning gender, diversity, inclusion, and career strategist, best-selling author, TV show host, speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, and the Founder and CEO of Uma, an international strategy, coaching and training platform that empowers confidence, inspires success and builds leadership and resilience in women and minorities. A keynote speaker and guest lecturer at academic institutions and global policy forums such as UNESCO (Paris), European Parliament (Brussels), Woman Who Matters (Moscow), and more, Rita’s expertise has been featured across many different media platforms such as the Wall Street Journal, CBS News, Fox News, Entrepreneur Magazine and Fast Company.

In today’s episode Rita and I dive into the global media landscape, we talk about the importance of having a point of view - and how one can effectively go about developing such - her journey with PR, speaking, and beyond.
Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How Rita started her career in finance, as one of very few women and people of color on the trading floor
  • Why Rita took time off from her career to raise her children for years and how raising a child is one of the hardest jobs a person to do
  • How employers would see her gap in employment and write her off as non-ambitious and ways to turn the strengths of mothership into workplace skills
  • The reason behind the name of Rita’s company, Uma, and what the basis for the business is
  • Ways that confidence, networking, and connections play a factor in how your name gets out and the opportunities you receive
  • What media platforms Rita finds that US-based viewers/listeners respond the best to including podcasts, digital magazines, newspapers, TV
  • What other global audiences prefer when it comes to the media
  • Rita’s favorite drink and how it differs based on where she is in the world, what time of day it is, and the mood that she’s in
  • Much more!

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