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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and shades: this is what today’s guest strongly advocates for and believes! Nimi Fafowora is the founder and owner of The Beem Box: a beauty subscription box for black, Indigenous and people of color. As seen in various media outlets, including Elle, Cosmo, and Cratejoy, Nimi wears many hats as the owner of The Beem Box, overseeing acquisition, supply chain, sales, strategic planning, and of course PR! Nimi started The Beem Box to create a community that admires and acknowledges those who are often left out of the beauty conversation, and to provide well-suited makeup products for deeper and darker skin tones. We talk about inclusive conversations and much more.

Inside the beauty community, a lot of brands provide and create a wide variety of makeup products but deeper and darker skin tones are often left out.The company that Nimi has created, The Beem Box, makes it easier for ladies of color to find the products that fit their skin perfectly.

  • When it comes to the inception of The Beem Box, Nimi takes us back to a time when she was not happy with her day-to-day routine as an engineer. One night, talking with one of her sisters, she realized there was a need in the beauty market for products for women of color and that’s how her amazing product came to life.
  • Nimi describes how some of her biggest press placements (such as Elle, Cosmopolitan and Cratejoy) have helped The Beem Box gain credibility and brand awareness.
  • One of the biggest things that helped the brand to be recognized is the uniformity of the message that they constantly put out there: from its website to its social media posts, the content is appealing and it also comes with a collective, strong message which simply cannot be ignored.
  • Nimi explains that growing up she felt bombarded with beauty standards that did not quite meet the way that she looked. The Beem Box is trying to make it clear that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and shades!
  • When it comes to collaborating with other brands, Nimi is especially interested in those which are aligned with The Beem Box’s beliefs: diversity and inclusion as two crucial aspects inside the beauty world.

To learn more about Nimi and The Beem Box, visit her website, Instagram or Facebook

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