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Today's Pitchin’ and Sippin's guest, Anje Collins, is the Executive Agency Director of her own firm called The Luxe PR Group, The Art of Luxury, and now the newest division The Luxe Style Lab. Eager to share her wealth of knowledge with the next generation of women in public relations, Anje also co-founded the organization Women In PR. Anje has represented artists such as Pink, Outkast, Usher, and Linkin Park, and has worked PR and events for the VMAs, Grammys, Billboard, and the American Music Awards. Now, something’s clear: Anje knows everything about creating meaningful relationships with the media, what it takes to excel in the world of PR, how to navigate difficult communications strategies, and much more!

  • Anje describes how she began her career in PR, wanting to empower women in business. That's how she created Women in PR – an organization that provides high-quality online and on-demand educational programs, and features top thought leaders and industry influencers sharing their insights at live events throughout the country.
  • Anje reveals the skills you should develop once you’re out of the classroom to excel in the world of PR, valuable lessons you don’t learn in school, and two key points every professional should have: good people skills and good writing skills.
  • Anje shares advice on how to navigate topics of race, politics, and other social justice conversations.
  • Anje shares how to work a communication strategy that is both authentic and good for PR.
  • Creating meaningful relationships with the media is key and Anje gives advice on how to write an email that will please writers, journalists, and editors.
  • Investing wisely on your journey to PR, finding good companies and recognizing people who are actually publicists are essential steps to succeed in this industry.
  • Anje gets a bit more personal and reveals her favourite drink, her hobbies, and her favorite shows currently streaming.

To learn more about Anje, you can follow her personal Instagram, or visit Women In PR through Instagram or their official website.

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