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This week on the Pitchin’ and Sippin’ podcast, we are doing another solo recording by your host and yours truly, Lexie Smith. This episode is focused on reviewing and analyzing the State of PR 2021 Report by Muck Rack. I help break down all the big numbers and stats recorded from the more than 1600 surveyed communications professionals into a digestible audio format. Tune in to learn all about how PR teams build relationships, measure success, and leverage technology in 2021 - I also pull in a few considerations and comparisons from the State of Journalism Report 2021.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • A recap of the State of PR 2021 Report - report information produced by Muck Rack
  • Which challenges your PR and communications team faces
  • The top challenges faced during the COVID-19 Era for PR Professionals
  • What tech and tools PR teams use to do their jobs
  • About the different social media tools PR pros said were the most successful
  • What PR Pros say is most important in a successful pitch
  • What journalists want from you in your pitches - a look back at the State of Journalism Report 2021
  • Seeing how PR will likely be refined within the next 5 years and the industry’s opinions on such
  • And so much more, directly from your host!

Find the Muckrack report here:

To listen to the State of Media and Journalism Report. Tune into Episode 28.

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