Texas Frightmare Weekend Special 2019


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It's that time of year again: Our TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND SPECIAL!

As always, we recorded in the car on the drive home from Dallas, and reminisced about the great time we had at Texas Frightmare Weekend. Hear all about us meeting Tim Curry (yes, THE Tim Curry) and how amazing the con staff was at handling the enormous crowds who showed up to get a glimpse of his greatness, and some crazy stories from the bar at the Hyatt Regency, one of our favorite places on Earth. Enjoy this week's Year of the Vagina segment, which teaches you everything you never knew you always wanted to know about VAGINA DENTATA. Also, since we were cruising down IH-35 at the time, we couldn't help but comment on things we passed on the road!

And as a special treat, we were joined by Todd (aka the Horror Nerd) from the Imaginaruim podcast to talk about how some people say that there's no good horror any more, and how those people are STUPID.

How to find Todd: https://horrornerd.net https://theimaginariumpodcast.podbean.com/ https://podcastcity.net

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