139: Rich Dad, Real Estate Investing, and Podcast Pro Tips with Erik Cabral


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Quick reminder! Doors close for Momentum Enrollment on Tuesday, October 15 — learn more and enroll at PivotMethod.com/Momentum if you’re looking for super smart systems and strategies to design your ideal six-figure business in 2020 and beyond :) This week’s episode is another fun Podcast Row conversation, and this time I got to geek out on two topics I haven’t talked much about publicly: one of the first personal development books I read in my early twenties that changed the trajectory of my life, business, and finances—and real estate! With a brother in commercial real estate, I’m often having walk-and-talks on these topics with him whenever we’re in the same city, so I think you’ll enjoy this conversation with Erik Cabral. Listen closely, as he also shares a fantastic podcast pro tip for those of you who have your own shows! Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at PivotMethod.com/139.

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