153: How to Create an Internal Coaching Program for Your Organization


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In 2007, while working within Sheryl Sandberg’s Online Sales and Operations organization at Google, I received a coaching session that changed my life. This was before the word coaching (and careers revolving around it) was ubiquitous outside of the sports arena. In this episode I share more about how that one session helped spark an entire movement that’s still alive within Google today: an internal “drop-in” coaching program—to make coaching accessible, easy to sign up for, and free—for all employees at all levels of the company. I’ll dive into the big themes and mechanics of how to set this up if you’re hoping to run a pilot within your organization. That first coach, Erik, in just two sessions also inspired me to attend coach training myself in 2008, restart my (at the time) sleeping website Life After College, and gave me hope that I could be an author someday . . . and the rest is history :) Shoutout to Denny Clark for submitting the Listener Q&A that inspired this episode! Learn more about Pivot Programs at PivotMethod.com/companies » Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at PivotMethod.com/153 »

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