154: Two-Month Report from the Puppy (and People!) Training Trenches


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In this week’s solo episode, we have the two-month report from the puppy training trenches! Michael and I brought Ryder home December 8, our little angel-in-a-fur-coat — aka the pup-pup. Take one look at his 8-week old cuteness in the photo gallery below and you'll understand why! For inquiring minds, he's a German Shepherd—albeit a tiny one in the early photos, he has doubled in size in just two months. As our neighbors here in Harlem say daily (we make so many friends now!), "Look at those paws! He's gonna be BIIIIIG!" Given this big life change, I didn't start 2020 on a particularly graceful note . . . I awoke at 4am on January 1 to throw on all my winter gear (including The Comfy), take him downstairs . . . and clean-up doggie diarrhea (sorry, I know that's graphic). Long story short: these last two months have been incredibly joyful AND I felt I was losing my mind at many moments! In this episode of the Pivot Podcast I’m sharing the journey has been like so far, and all the best books and resources I've been relying on. These two articles also provided a lot of consolation on the chaos! Having Kids by Paul Graham, and Puppies are Harder Than Babies (h/t Adam). Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned at PivotMethod.com/154 »

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