Episode 58: The Shootercast


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Welcome to the next edition of PixlTalk! This week, Patrick takes the reins of the Tri-Force show to talk about the modern day shooter. But before we delve into that heady subject, we talk about recent games we've been playing. New and hot releases like Alan Wake's American Nightmare, SSX, and Mass Effect 3 come up, along with random stuff like Batman: Arkham City, Bulletstorm, and Snoopy's Street Fair. Yeah, the Tri-Force crew is down with the Peanuts, big whoop, wanna fight about it? In the main topic this week, Patrick poses some deep questions about the morality of modern day FPS games. Is it right to glorify war, especially with so much actual war occurring in the world today? Is Call of Duty just an insidious recruitment tool for the military? Is the very real threat of nuclear war trivialized when games allow you to nuke your opponents in multiplayer? It's not all doom and gloom this week, though. We also tell some funny stories about our early FPS experiences. Julian admits how much he sucks at shooters, being Mr. RPG and all, as well as his man crush for Jason Statham. We muse about the future of the genre, and compare Bobby Kotick to the most evil men in history. All this and more, on PixlTalk! Featured Music: Edwin Starr: War Palette Swap Ninja: Halo (This is All I Play-Oh)

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