PCCMI Morning Worship: 2020/10/25: The Chronological Life of Christ #85: A Glimpse of Eternity


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Jesus announces the transfiguration six full days before it happened.

This event is what awaits the believer at death.

The reason the transfiguration happened was to encourage the disciples.

Jesus wants us to know that there always must be a CROSS before there can be a CROWN.

1. There is the glorious change in the person of the Lord Himself.

2. The account of the heavenly visitors You will spend a very conscious existence somewhere for all of eternity!
Moses – Mr. Lawgiver
Elijah – Mr. Prophet

3. The proposal which Peter makes.

4. They were overshadowed with a cloud.
A. It is Jesus only in creation
B. It is Jesus only in redemption
C. It is Jesus only in the Bible.
D. It is Jesus only in prophecy We’re not looking for something to happen; we’re looking for someone to come!
E. It is Jesus only in the church.

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