Episode 13: On The Road to Apocalypse!


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"Some say the world will end in fire. Some say in ice." Or, maybe it will end in a plague of vampires or zombies. Perhaps civilization will crumble and bands of car crazies will roam the land. Maybe there will be massive overpopulation and we'll start making crackers out of each other! Movies and TV shows have explored many, many different ways that life as we know it could come to a nasty end. On this episode of Planet 8, your crew takes a strange and terrifying trip on the road to apocalypse! Come join Larry, Karen, and Bob as they travel from one dystopian future to the next, trying to figure out which one gives them the best chance of survival. Try to guess along with the crew which movie or show they've blundered into as they ride their mystery tram.

In our Sensor Sweep, Larry talks about the amazing Universal Monster action figures from Super 7 (http://super7hq.com/). Making their debut at this summer's San Diego Comic Con, these 3.75" retro, or ReAction, figures, are just what the doctor ordered. If you couldn't make it to SDCC, or pay those eBay resale prices, you can also get the regular figures from Super 7's website, mounted on cardstock with some gorgeous Ed Repka art. Super 7 also has t-shirts and other great products.

What dystopian future do you think you'd fare best in? Which one would you dread getting stuck in? And...we know we forgot a few! So let's talk about those too! You know where to find us -in the comments here, or in our other locations:

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Our closing song this episode is "Who's Next" by Tom Lehrer. This episode also contains part of "It's The End of The World as We Know It" by REM. All rights are retained by their respective owners.

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