Episode 15: Thankful for Star Trek


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To our listeners in the United States: Happy Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, your Planet 8 crew is giving thanks of their own, for something that has had a major impact on the three of us (and we suspect, a lot of you, too): Star Trek!

Each of selected an episode of classic Trek to discuss. We hope you enjoy the episodes we chose. It was hard choosing just three since we have so many favorites! But we're already talking about doing another show on Star Trek. There are just too many great episodes left to discuss! Here are our choices:
Bob - Arena;
Karen - Amok Time;
and Larry, All Our Yesterdays

This episode's Sensor Sweep looks at (appropriately) a fantastic tome from Titan Books called Star Trek Lost Scenes. This mammoth, 270 page treasure-trove was produced by David Tilotta and Curt McAloney, and is a joy to any Trekkie or Trekker's eyes. The authors have assembled a wonderful collection of behind the scenes clips, deleted scenes, and bloopers. They've used modern technology to digitally scan and color-correct these old film clips, vastly improving the image quality. The truly exciting thing is that they've gathered pictures most fans have never seen before, from scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor. It's truly worthy of being in any Star Trek fan's collection.
Gorn anatomy 101
Deleted scene, 'Elaan of Troyius'

Besides Star Trek, we're thankful for all of you who listen to the podcast and leave comments, either here, or at Twitter or the Facebook page. We really enjoy hearing what you thought of each episode and what you'd like to hear us talk about in future ones. If you haven't found us in those other places yet, here's how:

Thanks for Listening! And...live long and prosper!

Our closing song this episode is "Surf Trek" by the Rubinoos. Other clips are copyright CBS.

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