Episode 17: Planet 8 Warps Into the Spider-Verse!


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Happy Holidays! Your Planet 8 crew is celebrating the season by getting together and talking about how much we enjoyed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse! This new animated feature was a perfect gift for your three hosts, as we are long-time Spider-Man fans. It's a fantastic-looking film that truly celebrates the Spider-Man mythos. This will be a SPOILER-FILLED discussion, so be sure to see the movie before you listen to the show! Believe us, you'll be glad you did.

We also take some time to discuss the previous film incarnations of Spidey, as well as reminisce about how we first discovered old Webhead, our favorite Spidey artists, stories, and more. It's a web-slingin' extravaganza!

A strange transmission from outside Planet 8 was intercepted this week. We're not sure what it means, but it was identified as something called "Monster Kid Radio." This could be the prelude to an invasion. We suggest you investigate, for your own safety!

This episode, Chief Engineer Bob shows off an early Christmas gift for our Sensor Sweep, the Iron Giant "Riobot" articulated figure from Sentinel. This is a super-detailed 6.30" die-cast and PVC replica of the heroic robot. This figure is crazily poseable! Check out how Bob set him up below. You can find the little big guy for sale at Big Bad Toy Store.

That's all from us this time around. Wishing everyone the happiest of holidays! We'll be back with a review of the major sci fi, super-hero, monster and other related happenings of 2018 next time. Be sure to drop by and let us know what you thought of Into the Spider-Verse, and tell us what Santa brought you! You can reach us here, or at:

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