Episode 19: Geeks in Garages Drinking Blue Milk


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Pull up a chair and join us -today Larry, Bob, Karen, and their guest, Henry San Miguel from the Geek Speak Show are engaged in a lively discussion that ranges from what's right and what's wrong with The Last Jedi (and we promise, this is our LAST Last Jedi discussion!), to super-hero films, including thoughts on Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice (can you guess which one of the crew is a fan of this film?). We also talk about the changing face of fandom, and Henry shares some news about cons the Geek Speak crew will be at later this year.

So give it a listen and tell us what you think - are you excited for Episode 9 or not feeling it? Who should Rey's parents be? Was Batman V. Superman great or awful? We want to hear your thoughts!

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