Ep. 20: Ethan Brown, CEO of Beyond Meat - Animal Agriculture’s Awakening Hour


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Ethan Brown is the Founder and CEO of Beyond Meat, a disruptive and innovative plant-based meat company.

This interview was recorded pre-Covid 19 so, while we don’t discuss it, the episode is so timely since one of the areas most affected by this horrific disease is our food supply chain; namely, the animal food supply chain. Conditions are deplorable for both the animals and the humans at these meat processing plants, and the health of both is compromised daily.

Ethan discusses in detail how his company is improving the efficiency, safety, health, and environmental impact of his Beyond Meat production and the benefits are staggering.

We know that the average consumer, even those who eat animal meat, are aware and very concerned about these health and social issues. As Ethan has says, “I believe there is a new dawn for American agriculture and this conversation is our awakening hour.”

Here’s to having the heart of a hero and not being afraid to challenge the status quo. In fact, instead of being divisive, it’s time we come together and work together to solve these problems on behalf of the animals, the longevity of our planet, and our own health.

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