Ep. 21: Ken Rubin of Rouxbe Online Cooking School - Flavor Bombs and Simple Sauces


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Ken Rubin is the Chief Culinary Officer of Rouxbe Online Culinary School, training people to become more creative, confident, and HEALTHY in kitchens around the world.

A silver lining of the Covid-19 quarantine has been a trend back to rediscovering the joy of a home-cooked meal with the family. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated and, in fact, it can be fun!

Rip and Ken introduce simple ways to level up your cooking with tips on roasting, sauteing, and boosting the flavor of pastas, sauces, soups, and more.

If you’re on a quest to do more cooking at home, or if you want to increase the depth of flavor in the meals you’re already cooking, this episode will definitely wet your appetite!

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