The Bible Unmasked Season 1 Episode 28: Proverbs 15 - Ecclesiastes 4


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In episode 28 of the Bible Unmasked, Pastor Gervon Marsh and Cassandra Pierre discuss Proverbs 15 to Ecclesiastes 4. Both Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are books of wisdom.

Date: July 11, 2021

Questions in this episode

Q: How can we apply this verse in our daily lives? How easy is it to give a gentle
answer when we are rightfully upset, have been wronged, or abused?

Q: The Book of Proverbs provides many words of wisdom like the ones expressed
in this verse. Judging from the way we behave, act in church, and during board
meetings, it’s safe to assume that many church members and leaders are unfamiliar
with the Book of Proverbs. Why is it rarely preached about? Why do preachers focus
more on certain Bible books but tend to neglect others?

Q: Can you please explain this verse? How does it relate to “[t]he fear of the Lord is
the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding” (Proverbs
9:10 NIV.) What’s the difference between wisdom and knowledge? What does it mean
that “[t]he fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One
is understanding”?

Q: Is this always true? Does this verse apply to the 80-year old murderer who’s
serving a life-prison sentence?

Q: What is a fool according to the Bible?

Q: We often acquit the guilty through good lawyering. Should Christians become
lawyers, defend “the guilty,” and fiercely advocate for them? Isn’t it what Jesus did for
us when he died on the cross although we were guilty and deserved death?

Q: Is it wrong for a man to remain single? Do the single receive God’s favor?

Q: Does this verse suggest that being rich is a bad thing?

Q: What does the fear of the Lord mean? Should we be afraid of God?
Q: Does the Book of Proverbs promote violence?

Q: What about babies? What standards are they judged by? Is there an age when we
start to sin? Will all babies go to heaven?

Q: Why? Please explain this verse.
Q: Can you summarize the 30 sayings of the wise man (Proverbs 22- 24)?
Q: Who was Agur (Proverbs 31)?
Q: Women are often demeaned in the Bible. How significant it is that the Book of
Proverbs ends with the description of the “Wife of a Noble Character”(Proverbs 31)?
Q: The Book of Psalms is a compilation of songs. The Book of Proverbs is a book of
wisdom. What do we know about the Book of Ecclesiastes? What’s the best way to
describe it?

Q: How can the dead be happier than the living?

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