Edging Flower Beds, The Right Sized Pot, and A New Plant On the Block


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Do you like that nice, crisp line that edging a lawn provides in your landscape? Are you hungry for a delicious stuffing to prepare this Thanksgiving? Ellen and C.L. have thoughts and suggestions. They are also anxious to introduce you to the new kids on the block…not the band, but some great new varieties of a native shrub. All of that plus a discussion about the importance of the size of pots for indoor or outdoor containers.

:28 What’s for dinner: Wild mushroom and chestnut stuffing…foraged or store bought

3:50 True or False: Garden beds need to be “edged” every year.

11:02 Eat/Drink/Grow: New Kid On The Block: Diervilla shrubs!

17:30 Love Letters and Questions: Barbara wrote saying, “My question is about pots for container plantings.

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