EP13 Jeff Mask:  Trust Me! Boost Social Proof, Traffic, & Sales to Reclaim Your Sanity


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In this episode, Yvonne and Jeff discuss:

-The authentic ‘why’ behind someone’s business.

-Letting go of fear to transform your excellence.

-The key to happiness and how to find it in service to others.

-How to help small businesses find their ‘Why’.

-The way social media organization improves time and personal fulfillment.


Key Takeaways:

-Life is a beautiful journey and play shapes our expression of joy.

- You have your own strengths that are unique to you and your life.

- Look for solutions to your business that improve your personal life quality and happiness.

-Peace of mind enables you to be your better self.


“If it doesn’t generate value it’s only a matter of time before your business model collapses.”

- Jeff Mask

Resources for Vitality Nation:

Jeff Mask’s “SECRET” for mastering the "IMPOSSIBLE"

“It's all about people. Caring about them. Putting their needs above your own. Inspiring them to do more. And just being a good person. It sounds cliche, but it's the truth. When we can all unite with this mindset, ‘impossible’ simply becomes possible.”



Connect with Jeff Mask:

Twitter: @maskmansurf

Facebook: @jeff.mask

Website: www.infusionsoft.com

LinkedIn: @jeffmask


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About Yvonne L. Larson:


As the host of the Play To Win Podcast,?Yvonne L Larson?is the Visionary Catalyst for Entrepreneurs to discover... HOW TO MASTER THE ART OF FULFILLMENT!


Referred to as a healer by her clients, Yvonne Larson is renowned worldwide for her unique blend of performance-based bodywork with intuitive coaching that eliminates emotional restrictions for her clients.


She’s an expert in clearing Entrepreneurs from exhaustion, overwhelm, and isolation to healing so they live their optimal life. Yvonne is certified in Emotional Release, Reiki, Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life and Executive Coaching.


She runs Vitality Nation, a global online community where entrepreneurs successfully navigate critical conversations in order to play, create, and thrive. She has been a Neck-Work massage therapist for over 20 years. Her clients have been everyday people, as well as GoDaddy, DWTS, Dizzy Feet Foundation, A-List producers/directors/actors, and professional athletes.


Yvonne has achieved distinctions as a Master Certification Life Coach, Master Certification Business Coach, Master Certification NLP Practitioner, Master Certification Time Dynamics Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Certified Yoga Instructor and a licensed Massage Therapist. She is a top ten Amazon bestselling co-author of the book “Navigating Entrepreneurship.”


Believing in being vital, Yvonne has experienced accelerated free-fall skydiving, walked on fire, eaten fire, and done board breaks.

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