Death Stranding, Pokemon Problems, Google Stadia Launch Titles & Playstation's Big Shake-Up


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On this week’s PlayersToo Podcast: Mark continues his adventure in The Outer Worlds, and Lewis delivers his impressions of the first few hours of Death Stranding! We discuss surprising launch week sales figures for the game, as well as director Hideo Kojima’s comments on the mixed critical response and what it says about American culture.

Trouble is brewing in the world of Pokemon ahead of the launch of Sword and Shield this week - we discuss the latest fan complaints about the new releases in the long-running franchise. Some significant changes at the top for Sony have us asking: what’s going on and what does it mean for the PS5? Plus we run through the launch line-up for Google Stadia, revealed this week ahead of the service’s debut next week. There are shout outs for Red Dead Redemption on PC and Smash’s latest addition, before our topic of the week - a discussion on our 2019 gaming backlog! With the last huge release weekend of the year upon us, we talk about the games from the past 12 months we’re still dying to get to - let us know what’s on your list, and what games we need to add to ours!

Remember, our November PlayAlong game is Playdead’s atmospheric puzzle-platformer debut, Limbo! Play it and let us know your thoughts before our discussion on the first show in December.

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