Building Trust through Public Speaking, Communication and Leadership (with Nils Apeland, CEO and Founder, Talerlisten)


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Nils Apeland is one of Norway’s most popular and experienced public speakers and PR and communication consultants.
With over 25 years experience in the field of public speaking and corporate communications, Nils has helped all types of companies and business leaders, both in Norway and throughout Europe, improve the way they communicate and present themselves to their audience.
His genuine love of public speaking led him to create Talerlisten, a speaker’s bureau that consists of some of the country’s most engaging and interesting speakers on a variety of topics, from A to Z.
You can imagine that Talerlisten is like a TripAdvisor for public speakers, complete with ratings, videos and recommendations. The goal is to help you find find the right speaker for your company events.
In this episode, you'll learn:
  • How to influence people’s behaviors with good communication
  • How speaking with authenticity builds trust with your audience
  • Why shorter messages enable people to remember more
  • How to use stories during your presentations to activate people’s feelings
  • How and why you should adapt your message to your audience and to the medium you’re using
  • What to do if you really want to become good at public speaking

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