Connecting with Your Target Audience Through Video (with Marianne Bratt Ricketts, CEO & Founder, Vibbio)


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Marianne Bratt Ricketts is CEO & Founder of Vibbio, a software-as-a-service video creation and management platform for companies of all sizes.
Her passion for visual and communication and branding led her to create Vibbio, which was recently named as one of Norway's most promising start-ups for 2012 by Kampanje magazine.
She’s an experienced entrepreneur, art director, graphic designer by trade and former editor-in-chief of several magazines.
In this episode, we talk about:
  • How you can use video to create stronger human connections
  • The difference between branded videos and personal videos and when you use each
  • Why you should think of your initial video like a Netflix teaser
  • How to use different content formats to pull people through a journey
  • How to deal with people’s short attention spans
  • Why you shouldn’t let your fear of being imperfect stop you from creating video content

Vibbio lets everyone in your organization become a visual content creator. Visit to get a free trial and see how it works.
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