How to Personalize at Scale (with Mikko Honkanen, CEO & Co-founder, Vainu)


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Mikko Honkanen is CEO & Co-founder of Vainu, a Helsinki based company data platform.
Mikko studied at the Helsinki School of Economics and at the University of Oxford and has spent the past 15 years building, scaling and managing Software as a Service companies in the Nordics, Central Europe and in the USA.
In his spare time, he likes to play beach soccer (he’s the Finnish Champion) and enjoys spending time with her wife and two young daughters.
In this episode, we talk about:
* The importance of finding your ICP (ideal customer profile)
* Why and how B2B companies should use account -based marketing (ABM)
* How the data-driven approach helps B2B sales and marketing teams succeed
* Sales & Marketing playbooks and why every company should have them
* The importance of customer data platforms and how they affect your sales strategy
* Why sales and marketing alignment is crucial to every company’s success
You can connect with Jennifer on Linked In and Twitter @jenniferlund You can connect with Mikko on Linked In, Twitter and at
If you’re looking for sales templates, playbooks and ABM guides, check out Vainu’s website.
If you’re looking for inspiration on how to level-up your sales, marketing or customer service game, you can also visit

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