Selling with Purpose (with Martin Da Veiga, Professional Meeting Booker)


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With a hit rate is between 70-90% from call to booking a meeting. Martin has been a professional meeting booker, or what they call in the SaaS world, an SDR (Sales Development Representative) for over six years.
Martin is passionate about sales and the value that Sales brings to potential customers.
In December 2019, he was featured on the front page of Norway’s largest financial newspaper, Finansavisen, as Norway’s best professional meeting booker.
His success is not due to luck as many would like to think. It’s born out of self-awareness, purpose and a deep understanding of customer needs.
In this episode, we talk about:
  • Why defining your purpose helps you to be a better sales person
  • How getting a “no” as fast as possible helps you get a “yes” even faster
  • How mindset factors into your success
  • Why it’s unethical not to sell and how sales contributes to a bigger picture
  • Why sales people are like brain surgeons and how this helps you to connect better with buyers

You can connect with Jennifer on Linked In and Twitter @jenniferlund
You can connect with Martin Da Veiga on Linked In, Facebook and Instagram
You can also contact Martin via mobile at +47 469 05 739

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