040- PTB discusses Pet Stockholm Syndrome, the Science of Reattaching Limbs and Lorena Bobbitt


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Lorena Bobbitt was born October 31, 1970 in Bucay, Ecuador. Not much is documented about her life until she married John Bobbitt in 1989. On June 23, 1993 Bobbitt claimed that her husband raped her. This wasn’t an uncommon occurrence and she had suffered other forms of physical and mental abuse from him. That night, after he went to sleep, she went to the kitchen and grabbed a carving knife. She then returned to her bedroom and cut off his penis. Bobbitt then left the apartment with the severed appendage and drove away. After a while she threw it out of the window then stopped to call 911, telling the police what happened. The appendage was later found and reattached. Bobbitt was tried for her crimes. During the trial vendors sold shirts that said “Love hurts” and penis-shaped candy. John was charged with marital sexual assault. During this time period, marital rape was a relatively new crime and the law made it almost impossible to prove. He was arrested several more times and has served jail time for assault. In court she testified that he sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her during their marriage. Her attorneys claimed that all the abuse made her snap and that because of the abuse she was suffering from depression and PTSD. John denied the claims but, during cross examination his statements would conflict. John was later acquitted of rape and she was found not guilty due to insanity. As a result she had to undergo a 45 day evaluation at Central State Hospital, after which she was released. In 1995 the two divorced. John went on to form a band and star in two porn films. He was also a regular on the Howard Stern show. This case received a lot of media attention. Terms like the "Bobbittized punishment" and "Bobbitt Procedure" became common and the Bobbitt worm was named after this case. After Lorena served a short sentence in a mental hospital she went back to her life as a manicurist. She remarried and had one child. She also formed a charity called Lorena’s Red Wagon which helps survivors of domestic violence.

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