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Many of us have careers that are quite stressful. At times, the stress can build to the point that it creates frustration and hampers productivity. This is a dilemma that many employers simply do not know how to deal with effectively. Zilpini has literally come up with a creative way to help solve this problem.
Their basic premise is that everybody, no matter their career, is creative and has the potential to come up with new ideas. The key is tapping into that creativity. This is where they truly think outside the box. They know that by introducing art into the workplace, stress is reduced naturally and employee productivity increases, along with their overall well being. Co-founder, Loveleen Saxena, knows this first hand as she was a construction project manager who became an artist. During her transition, she found that it was possible to harness the power of creativity and bring it into the corporate environment.
The result? She and her husband created Zilpini - a marketplace that makes it easy for businesses to connect with local artists to bring their experience to their staff. By doing so, it opens up things among the employees. They are able to decompress while enjoying the artistic process and then translate the experience over into their own work. And the true bonus is that local artists are able to showcase their techniques and pieces, allowing them to grow and flourish within the art world.
Through this endeavor, artists are able to connect with their communities and supporters are able to learn new artforms. As huge supporters of the arts, and artists ourselves, we couldn't be more thrilled about this awesome idea. It's something that we will closely follow and hope to work with them as they progress.
Make sure to watch the full interview for more information and check out their website, as well.
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