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In today's market, it is important for businesses to make the most of big data for their own advantage. poder.IO is an Artificial Intelligence company that focuses their technology on helping small businesses gain knowledge about their demographic so they can target their marketing to best make sales. poder.IO has created their EPICA AI platform to help take raw big data and convert it into usable data to help each business that uses the platform. The company slogan that they use best describes them as the "Power of Prediction" and this phrase says it all.
EPICA's big data service allows these businesses to collect first-party data as well as orchestrate and integrate it and make decisions in real time using predictive marketing strategies. EPICA optimizes the use of your data, translating its potential into valuable actions that can predict better results. poder.IO wants you to have a better understanding of your customers through the data you own about them and learn how to market your product or service based on it. Their goal is to give companies unprecedented decision-making power by analyzing patterns of audience behavior in real time through large-scale big data.
The Executive Vice President, Diego Paramo came to New Orleans for Collision with his skilled team to continue the conversation about poder.IO and answer questions as well as gain investors. Their service has been in the market for about two years now and has clients in America and Europe such as Coca-Cola, MasterCard, and Sheraton. poder.IO offers its smart big data solutions in the travel, e-commerce, finance, CPG and education sectors in four countries: The United States, Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil.
For more information about poder.IO and EPICA and a quote for your business, you can visit their website. You can also email Diego directly through his email: diego@poder.io.
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