Ep. 42 Pod-ful of Pressure Washer Assault


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This week Gregg and Diana discuss snake massages, what happens when a cobra vs. a python, a potentially bad side effect of the Whole30 diet and robot doctors used to deliver devastating news (maybe technology has gone too far?).

In our Oh Florida segment, we provide an update on the man who attacked the McDonalds worker over a straw, a man who sprayed his neighbor in the face with a pressure washer, a funeral home who lost a body and hoped the family wouldn't notice the replacement body used, a woman upset her boyfriend was snoring too loudly so she shot him (because... obviously that's the rational thing to do) and a man who calls 911 to help get an iguana out of his toilet.

WTF brings us a drunk burglar cooking up tortilla's in someones house that did NOT belong to him and a man whose plan to steal a 900 pound safe ended not the way he hoped. Plus a wannabe Subway employee.

Plus so much more crazy news stories of the week!

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