113: Seto Kaiba is Pokemon GOing to the Egyptian Afterlife


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Fellas is it gay to rob a grave in order to excavate an artifact belonging to your 3000-years-dead rival? Is it gay to build an elevator to space just so you can have a supercomputer construct said artifact in zero gravity? FELLAS IS IT GAY FOR YOU - THE OLIGARCH OF THE INDEPENDENT CITY STATE OF DOMINO CITY - TO EXTORT SEVERAL TEENAGERS INTO DUELLING IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE AFOREMENTIONED ARTIFACT BECAUSE YOU THINK IT'LL BRING YOUR 3000-YEARS-DEAD RIVAL BACK FROM THE AFTERLIFE?? Is it gay for the most rational brained reddit atheist ass man of this entire series to defy the laws of physics, invent interdimensional travel, and journey to the egyptian afterlife just so he can duel his 3000-years-dead rival???

See you space Kaiba...

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