Lesson 35


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This lesson teaches the days of the week. Note the spoken word for week is อาทิตย์; here the formal, usually written, term สัปดาห์ is used. Likewise "Thursday in everyday speech is วันพฤหัส, but the formal term is วันพฤหัสบดี.
Three semantic doublets appear: "fields" ทุ่งนา; "neat and tidy, well-behaved, ready" เรียบร้อย; and "disordered, confused" สับสน
Notice that the double function of using a primary school text to teach literacy and to socialize the student, i.e. inculcate values, such as being neat and tidy and not "blocking the way" เกะกะทาง.
Note also the grammatical function of บ้าง, used alone or in a series of "some of this, some of that." Compare the pattern of repetition of บ้าง with ก็มาก "lots of buyers, lots of sellers."
The word ด้วย has several meanings: "with" or "at the same time"; when followed by a noun it means "with" or "together"; when used at the end of a sentence, as is the case in this lesson, it means "also" or "too."

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