Jerzy Gregorek: Lion of Olympic Lifting, Happy Body, Avoiding Torture | Ep. 149

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Jerzy is a kind and brilliant man. He happens to also be an absolute legend in the Olympic lifting world with one of the most interesting stories you’ll ever hear!

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This Show is Brought to You By:

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Show Note

  • Jerzy Gregorek experience. [00:01:08]
  • The flow. [00:03:00]
  • The connection with what he does. [00:04:11]
  • Movement in weightlifting, Squat press [00:07:09]
  • A combination of fear and flexibility. [00:11:20]
  • Urbach wiethe disease fear. [00:14:30]
  • Adapting and adjusting to how much we need. [00:16:25]
  • The role of making enough suppleness in the body. [00:17:05]
  • A cheetah, a weight lifter, a sprinter and a jumper. [00:17:47]
  • Meditation is shown to increase fine motor control. [00:23:20]
  • History of Jerzy with weightlifting. [00:25:14]
  • Being a Fireman is almost the same as being in a team. [00:26:34]
  • Weightlifting at Poland at 23 years old, injuries. [00:29:20]
  • 24 years old at Warsaw, in the Fire department Academy. [00:31:25]
  • In 1981, the solidarity in Warsaw. [00:33:00]
  • Szczecin at 1984. Experiences. [00:29:40]
  • Different life in 1989. [00:45:00]
  • Coaching Olympic weightlifting in the US. [00:46:45]
  • Experience in 1987, finding a job, having a job and leaving the job. [00:47:25]
  • 1988, found a gym and having a new job. [00:53:32]
  • 1990’s, going back to weightlifting competition. [00:55:10]
  • Coming back to Poland in a competition, 1977. [00:55:44]
  • Won three more championship, Sydney and Scotland. [01:01:10]
  • Working around injuries, decompressing and repetition. [01:02:30]
  • The more power you exert, the more you need to rest. [01:07:02]
  • Do we really need to be sore in order to create gains? [01:08:23]
  • Establishing numbers to train athletes for power. [01:13:18]
  • Sore and stiff, getting more powerful. [01:14:00]
  • Micro progression. [01:17:00]
  • Having rest and recovery is crucial. [01:19:40]
  • All athlete need power. [01:22:55]
  • Helping a person improve their life is a lot bigger than helping Olympic athlete. [01:25:00]

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