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So today’s show we are at episode 167 and I sold Claire for the day to go to a factory visit. And I am in a taxi – on the move talking to attendees and sponsors for this year’s Cross Border Summit. Thank you listeners for your support. It is a real community forming and I can’t wait to meet you – April 21 and 22 – the crazy thing is I’m already brainstorming 2018s.

We are gonna start doing webinars – always mean to do them, but some speakers can’t make the event and want to get involved and give back – so I have 4 webinars in the pipeline and you can see all 4 choices and pick the one that you like the most – we have logistics, cross-border ecommerce, chinese staff management, hk taxes and more being added – check it out at for the full list.

And now for this week’s show – Baopals – this startup has been growing like crazy and the founders are on the show to talk about the story and the growth – it’s a platform to help you buy from Chinese e-commerce sites via their system using English – had a lot of fun – and as always the show notes and pictures can be found on

About Baopals

They are an e-commerce tech startup based in Shanghai, China. They help foreigners in China (for now) buy on Chinese e-commerce marketplaces through their technology system. Baopals is the first platform to give foreigners in China an easy and enjoyable way to shop on Taobao and Tmall. All 800 million plus products are available, with up-to-date pricing and product info, in English, and reorganized to make shopping on Baopals as easy as pie.

Topics Covered in this Episode

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    Could you tell our audience a little bit about yourself and Baopals?

  • Connector.

    Coming to China

    What made you guys decide to come to China?

  • Connector.


    How did you guys meet? And what made you decided to start the Baopals business together?

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    What are the difficulties that you faced when you started Baopals?

  • Connector.

    Blog Section

    I noticed that Baopals posted some really useful posts on the website/ lots of shopping website they usually create relevant content using other platform to convert the traffic to the website to buy. Could you explain to us why you decide to add a blog section on the Baopals’ webpage?

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    Customer Service Training

    I heard a lot of good reviews about Baopals especially in terms of the excellent customer service experience. Could you tell us more on how you do the customer service training? And do you recruit local people or expats in China?

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    Easy shopping experience

    You guys adopted WeChat and I can shop via WeChat too! As a platform that helps to ease the shopping process for English speaking expats in China, what was the reason why Baopals adopt Wechat? Is it because that some expats might not be able to access Facebook in China or it is because WeChat is where the customers are? Do you have Chinese consumers who like to purchase using your site as well?

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    If you could only give one tip for our listeners on doing business in China, what would it be you guys’ top tip?

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    Tell our audience how to reach you

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Episode Length 34:49

Bao Pals – I do like the name, keep up the good work guys and let’s get them back on the show. A lot of people said they liked the follow up show with Chris Davey – one year later after selling on Amazon FBA – so I will try to do that more.

And as always – check out the show notes at

Back to the grind for preparing for our epic Cross Border Summit – April 21 – 22 guys – I am not shy to proudly promote this conference guys – such amazing speakers and topics, I really hope to meet you there.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and keep taking action in your businesses.

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