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Today we’re going to talk about the podcast that got me started in the crazy world of Podcasting.

Giant Bomb was the first show I ever listened to and it is still going all these years later. I joined after it was already a big name in the Podcast world but let me go over a little history of this famous Podcast. Giant Bomb is a video game podcast and website that is personality driven in their coverage of news and reviews. The show came to light from two former GameSpot employees Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis. Jeff was terminated from his position at GameSpot and took this as a challenge to create a new outlet to showcase his personality that I still love to this day.

Sadly when I joined the audience was right after the passing of Ryan Davis and it struck home for me listening to them talk about him, memories and his young family. Which I had just had a major loss in my personal life. I should say Jeff and Ryan started the podcast under a brand called Whiskey Media but in 2012 was acquired by CBS and has flourished since.


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