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This week We’re here to talk about a podcast that showed me what it meant to be a community. This week I’m here to tell you about Married to the Games or MTTG as we call it. I should state right off the top if you’re looking for a guaranteed family friendly podcast this is the one for you.

Married to the games started life back on September 21st 2012 with Three hosts. Gabe, Tim and Tim. These three Nashville natives all came from different walks of life but were united with Video Games. As the friendships built so did their families. Married To The Games was based on the principals of Kids, Wives and 9 to 5’s… except for Gabe when it’s tour season.

The three hosts opened up about their personal lives and of course Video Games. Timothy Hall stepped away from Married To The Games to focus on his growing family. So with his leave a spot needing to be filled and Chris McCrackin and Ed Placencia long time listeners and well regarded community members stepped up and without skipping a beat it was a perfect fit.

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