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Podcast Notes Key Takeaways

  • There’s creativity inside of EVERY person no matter what your profession
  • Creativity is a muscle – the more you’re creative, the more creativity you’ll have at your disposal
  • Just like you can create art, you can create the life of your dreams
  • The #1 regret of the dying: that they lived the life other people wanted them to live rather than the one they’d choose for themselves
  • Listen to your creative calling and start walking towards it
    • No matter what happens, you’ll learn something along the way
  • With a combination of high-quality work and something you’re uniquely passionate about, it’s pretty hard to fail
  • “The things where there’s a perfect blueprint, like becoming a doctor or an x-ray technician… these days, you can start to clone and copy that with software. When there’s no creativity present, and you can clone and copy it with software, you can automate it. When you can automate it, the job goes away.” – Kevin
    • Because of this, contrary to popular belief, the “old school, vanilla” professions are actually the riskiest professions to enter into
    • “It is the riskiest time in human history to play it safe” – Chase

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Renowned artist, author, and CreativeLive founder, Chase Jarvis, reminds us that creativity isn't a skill—it's a habit available to everyone: beginners and lifelong creators, entrepreneurs to executives, astronauts to zookeepers, and everyone in between. Through small, daily actions we can supercharge our innate creativity and rediscover our personal power in life.

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