Portal with Eric Weinstein: 6: Jocko Willink: The Way of the Violent Intellectual


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Podcast Notes Key Takeaways

  • There is a dichotomy to all advice – this is why Jocko and Lief Babin wrote The Dichotomy of Leadership
    • A leader must talk, but not talk too much
    • A leader must be aggressive, but not reckless
  • To make good decisions, a leader must keep their emotions under control
    • A leader who is too emotional will make decisions based on how they feel and neglect to think about the logic or reasoning behind their actions
  • One of the best ways to build bonds is to do hard things with people
  • There are 3 things that made Jocko feel like a man:
    • Learning how to fight and defend himself
    • Experiencing combat and doing his job in the face of danger
    • Becoming a husband and father
  • Combat forces you to face your own mortality
    • People go through life without ever facing death because it’s so far away that they can ignore it. But in war, you can’t ignore it; it’s in front of your face every day.
  • Violence is a language every human being understands
    • It’s a form of communication stronger than words

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Jocko Willink is a man who radiates decency. He is also part of a community of warriors drawn to test themselves in the crucible of deadly combat against an evil and implacable foe. Eric sits down with Jocko Willink to learn how this cerebral Navy SEAL and hero of the battle of Ramadi against ISIS managed to bring military discipline home to the fight for personal freedom in peacetime writing kids books that teach ‘extreme ownership’ and radical accountability to children.

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