Spearhead with Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi: IPOs Are for the Last Investors in Line


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Podcast Notes Key Takeaways

  • “If you’re buying a tech company when it goes public, you are literally last in line”
    • By the time a company goes public, anyone with any connections/capability probably got a bite at it
    • “It’s not to say you can’t make money, but the odds are way down because this fruit has been picked over many, many times”
  • Silicon Valley is turning into the new Wall Street
    • Wall Street used to be where people went to get capital for their startups – there was no other market for fundraising until you had the metrics to go public
  • “This is going to fly in the face of conventional wisdom: the average person should be saving for their retirement. But I never set out to save anything; I reinvested almost everything.”
    • 401k money gets reinvested into “safe” but unproductive parts of society (like the government)
      • “You’re investing in the DMV and the Defense Department. Their returns have not been spectacular.”
    • “It’s probably a better bet, if you’re in the tech industry, to invest back in the tech industry, especially if you’re young and especially if you can get diversified.”
      • “Invest in the smartest, best and brightest people around you, rather than people in far-away lands with far-away motives.”
      • $50k contributed to your IRA won’t make a difference to the U.S. government, but $50k invested into an entrepreneur will make a HUGE difference
        • “If you can find 10, 20, 30, or 50 investments like that, at least one or two of them will pay off”
  • Most of Naval’s net worth is illiquid and invested in startups
    • That said, he sleeps well at night knowing he has hundreds of teams of brilliant entrepreneurs building things that could be massive and change the world
    • Only a few of these investments need to work out for the whole portfolio to balance out
      • If you invest in 100 companies and one investment produces a 1,000x return, the other 99 investments could go to 0, and you would still see a return of 10x

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Financiers now come to Silicon Valley to invest in companies before they get to Wall Street.

If you’re investing in the IPO, you're literally last in line

I sleep well knowing my net worth is invested in the best talent

Startups can compound capital faster than public companies

A 401(k) plan is like investing in the DMV

$50,000 invested in a smart entrepreneur will change their life

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