Spearhead with Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi: You're Living Inside the Gold Mine


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Podcast Notes Key Takeaways

  • “A competent angel investor in Silicon Valley who’s plugged into a good network, knows what they’re doing and has a broad portfolio might make somewhere between 3 to 10 times their money over a decade.”
    • That being said, this requires a ton of specific knowledge + labor
  • There are tax benefits to angel investing
    • Gains are considered capital gains and taxed at a lower rate than income
    • “From a tax-advantaged basis, if you’re willing to tolerate high risk and illiquidity, it’s very hard to look at any other asset class where you can make as much of a raw return on your money as a patient, diversified, plugged-in angel investor.”
  • “The less efficient the market and the more wealth the underlying asset is creating, the better off you’re going to do.”
    • Art doesn’t create that much wealth, same with wine
  • Many people in Silicon Valley would be great at angel investing, but they spend too much time worrying about interest rates, the trade war with China, etc. OR they’re out shorting stocks, buying/selling real estate, etc.
    • WHY?! – “You’re living inside the gold mine… If you’re in the tech industry, you should be doubling down. I don’t know a better industry or better place on the planet to be investing, for today.”

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There’s no better place to invest today than technology.

There are tax benefits to angel investing

The less efficient the market, the better you will do

Few people can play at angel investing

You should be doubling down on tech

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