1/18: Falcon Favors the Bold


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{Spoilers through Book 13, Towers of Midnight} The Grey Warder starts The Dragon Reborn by looking at Perrin's changes. Why is he waving away the wolves? What's motivating his choices? From his growing formidability to his burgeoning ta'veren nature, she examines how it comes to be that, while Moiraine was focused on Rand, the quiet one left a pile of bloody Whitecloaks that forced the crew to flee in the night. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=51381686 https://twitter.com/WarderGrey?s=09 podcastofthedragon@gmail.com https://discord.gg/syCqfgr - Podcast of the Dragon https://discord.gg/ppdHzEB - WoT Trivia and Games https://discord.gg/mK4Ukwc - WoT Fandom and Calendar

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