Sneaky Dragon Episode 465


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to 465th episode of the podcast that really rocks steady!

On this episode: don’t clap for the wolfman; Sammy Hagar the horrible; a deep hole; virtually subscribed; diggin’ the hole; a special day; pro marriage tips; big treats; safe costume; inundated; Halloween vs. helicopter parents; dumb pun; Karate Kids; neither good nor plenty; licorice bits; keep on digging; good news; political virus; what will the future say; Borat feelings; Q drips; sneaky government; how to affect change; cult thinking; grace is important; social experiment; lets not be great; we’re a little worried for America; teamwork; curious about bicycles; old stories and older jokes; best protest; amusing platform; chummy satire; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; highly faithful; a bunch of Jokers; Crime Story facts; disappointing square egg, cookies in your ears; Spock’s dismembered hands; be explicit; a holo gift; and, finally, ventriloquist corpse.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the week: What’s an effective way to use humnour to affect change?
Task of the week: Please feel free to continue Ian and David’s comic strip/rock band name merge game!
Sub-task of the week: Please send us a picture of yourself in costume for this year’s Halloween!
Sub-sub-task of the week: We need a demonstration of the Monster Mash. How does it go exactly?

Curious about Superman defeating a KKK-alike organization? Here’s Episode 1:

We can’t let a mention of Ian’s sit-com pilot Space Arm go by without a link. You can watch it right now! (Corner Gas fans will enjoy seeing Nancy Robertson!)

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