Sneaky Dragon Episode 471


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 471 of the podcast that was built to last…until Episode 470, so whoops!

This week: hip-hop start; foiled dinghy rant; trunnels and other amusing nautical terms; heavy metal thunder; farewell, Richard Corben; a weekly dose; Grogoo vs. Gorgo; prequel costumes; Star Wars avalanche; old man ass kicking; milk averse; coffee, tea or meh; milking it; making the Fantastic Four good; Maude Eisley; unexpected show time; sacrificial computer; truly drunk history; cavalier vs. puritan; Roman Empire Loyalist; Dave’s bookstore finds; B.D. corner; occult Spider-man; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; a lot of crocodiles; octopus manholes; Metroid conversion; cornered; 95% hot dog; fucking Gen. MacArthur; angry bladder; Happiest Season; and, finally, Dave has a question for you?

Thanks for listening.

Question of the week: How have your holidays changed in the new now?
Sub-question of the week: Have you ever built something big and impressive?
Sub-sub-question of the week: Cavalier or puritan?

We received some wonderful concept art for Ian and David’s forthcoming big-time self-help [themselves to your money] cult!

First, from our friend from Down Under, Mick Elliott:

And we also have our friend Louise’s more sinister version – ready for branding, she says:

Thanks to you both!

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