Sneaky Dragon Listening Party – Ep. 53 – Part 2


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Hello, partygoers!

Welcome to Part 2 of the Listening Party’s Halloween Spooooooktacular!!!! We know it’s more in line with American Thanksgiving, but due to some bad planning – like when a character returns to the haunted house at night instead of in broad daylight – we ended up with a show that outstayed its welcome more than the demon in The Exorcist. So – like the neck of a teen who’s just had sex – we severed the show into two parts, and this week we present the grisly remains.

Once again, our remit: To counter Sneaky Dragon co-host Ian Boothby’s claim that there is only one Halloween song and that song is Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s “Monster Mash”, we decided to put together a selection of Halloween-themed or Halloween-adjacent tunes for your next Halloween party or summer camp bloodbath! Also, we read and respond to a bunch of your great comments.

This episode we are spinning:

  1. The Diamonds – “Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein or Dracula” – Mercury Records 45” b/w “Walkin’ the Stroll”, 1959 – 16:05
  2. The Five Blobs – “The Blob” – Columbia 45” b/w “Saturday Night in Tiajuana (sic)”, 1958 – 24:16
  3. Bobby Please and the Pleasers – “The Monster” – Jaime Records 45” b/w “The Switch”, 1959 – 39:43
  4. Joe South – “The Purple People Eater Meets the Witch Doctor” – National Recording Corporation 45” b/w “My Fondest Memories”, 1958 – 46:03
  5. October Country – “My Girlfriend Is a Witch” – Epic Records 45” b/w “I Just Don’t Know”, 1968 – 56:42
  6. Hans Conreid and Alice Pearce – “The Invisible Man” – Monster Rally, 1959 – 1:05:55
  7. Bill Buchanan – “Beware” – United Artists 45” b-side to “The Night Before Halloween”, 1962 – 1:21:51
  8. Tarantula Ghoul and Her Gravediggers – “Graveyard Rock” – Meadows Records 45” b-side to “King Kong”, 1959 – 1:30:08
  9. Little Tibia and the Fibias – “The Mummy” – Mad Monster Party? (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 1998 (1967) – 1:49:54
  10. Dr. Shock – “Let There Be Fright” – Cougar Records 45” b-side to “The Bloody”, 1970 – 2:00:02

Also playing on the old Victrola:

  • Cat Stevens – “Portobello Road” – Matthew and Son, 1967 – 30:42

Fangs for listening!

We invite you to attend the Mad Monster Party? !!!

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