Fabry's Lysosomal Storage Disease


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Brandi McAlexander was born and raised in Kirtland, New Mexico, a small town ten miles from the Navajo Native American Reservation. She is both Oglala Sioux and White Stick Creek.

She is happily married to a veteran of two tours to Iraq. Together they have a happy full house with seven children; four girls and three boys.

She worked in healthcare as a C-Suite executive for twenty years before deciding to change careers to a Juris doctorate. After receiving her JD in 2019 she opened up her own business "Pass the baby bar". Dedicating her time providing free education to college students pursuing a law degree. As of 2021, she has helped over 200 first year law school students.

Halfway through law school she noticed a major loss of energy and began to believe she had a health issue. After years of tests, false diagnoses and untreated discomfort she was able to confirm the true culprit. During the Covid pandemic in 2020 through a genetic test, she received a confirmed diagnosis of Fabry’s Disease; having inherited both the x and y chromosomes.


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