72: I’m The Poster Child of Terrible Podcast Episodes… But You Knew That, Didn’t You?


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Talk about a TERRIBLE PODCAST EPISODE - episode 70 of this podcast was it…. And it had NOTHING to do with my guest, Dave Jackson. Dave was incredible (as always). It had to do with the EPIC FAIL I did on the edits for that episode.

You may not be aware of the fail at this point (I’ve since replaced it). :) But in the resources for this episode I’ve linked to it - so you can hear just how bad a terrible podcast episode can be!

But I also want you to learn from my mistakes.

The episode was so terrible because of one simple thing: I stepped away from my normal podcast production process.

I was in a hurry. I was already feeling a bit impatient with the time it was taking me to finish up my edits and write my show notes. I wasn’t in good place, mentally. And it was in the midst of that messed up mindset that I made the conscious decision to produce a terrible podcast episode.

No, I didn’t think of it that way at the time - you never do! But shortcuts lead to flub-ups - as I’ve so aptly demonstrated. I can’t say it enough - to you and to myself - stick with your process, no matter how long it takes. The process you’ve devised is there for a reason, to keep you from producing terrible podcast episodes.

If I had simply ignored the negative, lazy, impatient voices in my head and pressed on, this episode of the podcast would never have been necessary.

BUT - I trust that God had something good to come out of it, which means this episode of the podcast is likely EXACTLY what you needed to hear (and what I need to be reminded of). Isn’t that a cool way to think of it?

OK, enough of my blather and drivel… go ahead and listen.

Here’s a rough outline of the terrible podcast episode
  • [1:32] The terrible podcast I produced (and how it got past me)
  • [3:05] What should you do when you discover your podcast episodes are messed up?
  • [5:09] Mistakes are going to happen. You are going to have terrible podcast episodes.
  • [6:00] Did you know you can go back and fix files you’re already published?
  • [7:13] Don’t take yourself so seriously. You’re not THAT important.

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