69: In Search of the Best Way to Record an Interview, with Mark Hills of Cleanfeed


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Interviews, interviews, interviews. I don’t know the stats but I bet a vast majority of podcasts out there are interview-format shows. And it seems like a trouble-free solution for recording long-distance conversations - which is what most interviewers have to resort to - has not been created yet. But...

I think we’re getting closer to a great way to record interviews.

On this episode, I’m going to introduce you to a new friend, Mark Hills. He and his co-creator (also named Marc) hail from the UK and come from a radio industry background. In their minds, for live radio, connections simply have to work - and they’ve been working on an internet-based solution for both broadcasting high-quality audio from remote locations, AND recording it.

Here’s where this radio industry solution becomes of GREAT interest to us podcasters.

I invite you to join Mark and me as we chat about the tool they’ve created - Cleanfeed. It’s still in beta but looks very promising.

But more important than hearing our banter - which gets into the details of how Cleanfeed works to record high-quality audio - you need to actually HEAR this episode because we recorded it using Cleanfeed.

Mark was using a laptop with an XLR microphone and an audio interface that was plugged into his computer. I used a USB microphone, directly into my computer. Sound familiar? It should because those are two of the most common ways podcasters connect to their computers for EXACTLY this kind of use.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of audio Cleanfeed provides and the possibilities it affords for podcasting. But be warned - it IS still in beta and has glitches now and then. But Mark and Marc are working on them continually.

And the best part is that Mark has committed to always have a fairly full-featured version of Cleanfeed available for FREE. Yes, free.

Have I got your attention? OK - it’s time to listen!

Here’s a rough outline of TOPIC OR GUEST…
  • [2:56] What is Cleanfeed?
  • [4:39] How a broadcast radio background led to the creation of Cleanfeed.
  • [15:59] Cleanfeed is now in beta stage. What are the plans for the software?
  • [21:12] What the Cleanfeed interface looks like and how it works.

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