The Mics We Tested in 2019


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New mics turn up on our doorstep all the time here at The Podcast Host. Which is handy, because our ‘best podcast microphones' article is one of the most popular on the entire site.

Many podcasters love equipment and gear. And, though it's far from the most important factor in making a great podcast, who doesn't like to try out some brand new kit?

So what exactly did we try out mic-wise in 2019? I thought I'd put together the sound samples recorded for each individual review, so you could listen through and compare them in one easy-to-listen place.

What You'll Hear

Here's what we'll be listening to, along with links to their full reviews on the site.

It's worth saying up front, that if you don't listen to this episode with over-ear headphones on, the subtle differences between each one might be lost on you.

That said, listening through earbuds in a busy, noisy place, is exactly how most listeners consume podcasts. So if you don't notice any difference at all, that could be a great reason to spend a lot less on your recording gear.

Need More Gear-Choosing Help?

The above mics are the ones we tried out in 2019, but there are plenty other great options on the market.

If you'd still like to shop around a bit, then be sure to check out our best podcast microphones and best USB mics roundups.
For more help on the audio and recording front, check out our ultimate guide to podcast equipment. This'll run you through everything you need, as well as everything you don't need.

And, if you'd prefer a bit more tailored assistance, check out The Podcast Host Academy. There, you'll get access to our community forums, live Q&A sessions, courses, resources, and much more!

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