MiniPC Show #96 – Raspberry Pi 4 at VMWorld, EasyList and Unkle Bonehead!!!


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2+ Terahertz Kubernetes platform with 400 Raspberry Pi worker nodes for #vmworld. ? Or Maybe each @vexpert will get a Pi in the @vCommunityGuy #vexpert gift bag ! Hmm. Gotta come to #vmworld to find out! See ya there !
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The EasyList filter lists are sets of rules originally designed for Adblock that automatically remove unwanted content from the internet, including annoying adverts, bothersome banners and troublesome tracking.
Orange Pi Zero2 is a Tiny Allwinner H6 SBC with HDMI 2.0, USB 3.0, Ethernet & WiFi
Shenzhen Xunlong Software launched a refresh of their Orange Pi Zero board, namely Orange Pi Zero LTS, a couple of weeks ago. The company is now about to launch another SBC of the “Zero” family.
“Rosewill 2.5″” SATA III Stylish and Screwless HDD / SSD Enclosure RX203 USB 3.0 Cable Slim, Stylish, and Screwless Data Transfer Rate up to 5Gbps 2.5″” HDD / SDD (7mm / 9.5mm) LED Indicates Power and Data Access”
“With the increasing move of our computing to cloud infrastructures, we give up the control of our computing to the managers of those infrastructures.
YunoHost is a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone.
Self-hosting for you, mom Haters gonna host I host myself, Yo! Go host yourself! Get off of my cloud Host me I’m famous Try Internet How I met your server dude, Y U NO Host?! Keep calm and host yourself
Hey guys!
Long time Podnutz listener here but just not this show. Not because its not good but because I didnt have any interest in mini pcs. But man Ive fallen in love with them recently.
You mentioned Pleroma on ep92 and I dont know if you are aware of the “movement” over the laat couple of years to what is known as the Fediverse. Its a movement to away from big centralized players on the internet. ie Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Basically any large corporation that sucks up peraonal data.
Federated social media is basically social media (or any website really) that has intergrated the activity pup protocol. Which allows them to all interconnect as if they are one giant site. Most are self hosted either on a VPS and many are on someones home server. My best analogy is to picture a trailer park where each trailer is called an “instance”. But they are all connected together to look as if it’s one big house.
Therr are tons already. Mastodon is the biggest. There is also Pleroma, Peertube, Pixelfed, Write Freely, Plume and a whole lot more. Im hosting my Pixelfed and Write Freely on my home server. While Pixelfed hasnt implemented the activity pub protocol and completely federated yet I installed it to see what its like. And found ut quute pain free. Which bring me to my next point.
Have you heard of Yunohost? You should really check it out. Its similar to Freedombox and Freedombone. But waaaaaayyyy better.
Based on Debian (and it is even included in Debians own timeline). Its goal is to make it super simple for anybody to host there own server.
Lets say its so simple to install and set up I had it installed on an old Dell Optiplex 330 in less than 10 minute s. After the post install directions I was doing email and syncing to my own Nextcloud within 30 mintues.
By the way they already have 100+ apps that can be installed in one click! Its perfect for a RaspberryPi.
Thanks for your time and the very informative show. I would love to talk more but actually have to get back to truckin.
Thank you again.
aka Unkle Bonehead
Ps is run from my Yunohost home server.
Pixelfed. Im the only user and its just there to check out and play with.
https// is my Write Freely and where I host my blog and podcast shownotes. If anybody wants to write on blog on it they are welcome to. All they got to do is signup.
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