166 BPM - Ahead of the Curve


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A high-energy workout mix that drops a Psy Trance bomb about halfway in.

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PLAYLIST: 01. Protyv - Muvb (Original Mix) 02. Felix Schrader - Deep Down Inside (Extended Mix) 03. Rowen X & R4V3N - The Dark Side 04. Freddie Frampton - Shine 05. Moshic - Don't Thank Me 06. Moshic - Remember the Days 07. Ben Champell - Gravity 08. Aleckat - Dark Moon* 09. Wavelength & Kristiam - Mind Lost 10. Blazing Noise - Cloning Technology Nova* 11. Jill Tanner - At Night 12. Cae - Dreaming Awake* 13. Mark & Lukas and Alex H - Dolomites (Nerutto Remix)

*CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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