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Allegro, noun: "...to be performed quickly in a brisk, lively manner." Yep.

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PLAYLIST: 01. Moshic - Salah 02. Deep L Dove - Funk Be Q 03. Deep L Dove - Red Red 04. Laera & EnzinoSting - Mariposa 05. Nilton Joao - Electrique (Ian Bc Remix) 06. Deep L Dove - Hermes 07. Hannes Matthiesen - Deep Ocean (OEZ DE Remix) 08. Derft - White Path (Original Mix) 09. Le Guide - Magic Code 10. SubConsciousMind - Trust* 11. Alic - Ostkreuz (Trilingo Remix)* 12. Hannes Matthiesen - Deep Ocean (Gliding Mix) 13. Yasin Guven - Altinova (Original Mix) 14. myni8hte & Lepo - New Dawn (Original Mix)

*CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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