John Schoolcraft.


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John Schoolcraft, Fearless Chief Creative Officer at Oatly AB. In English.
On how killing off the marketing department at Oatly turned out to be a huge benefit and global success. Turning the creative into not just selling ads but growing the business and becoming makers instead.
On how doing ads is going to be less important than introducing creativity to business.
On the David vs Goliath fight with the dairy industry. A funny tale of how Arla made a series of commercials to discredit Oatly, but forgot to register the silly names used in their advertising campaign to mock Oatly. Oatly found out they hadn’t registered the names and simply registered them and changed their packaging so Arla ended up advertising for Oatly instead.
On recycling an old commercial and making it the number one ad talked about during the Super Bowl in the US.

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